Processing Page

The processing page is used to take all the thoughts in your head and put them onto paper. This can be done as a morning routine or during the day. Adding this to your daily morning routine would be most beneficial (another mindset moment on morning routine will come soon); however, anytime you notice yourself getting stressed out, take 15-20 minutes to write it out & process what’s going on.

  • Pause

    Sit down in a quiet space or in your free time and take a second to think. Close your eyes. Inhale and Exhale. Ask yourself, what am I worried about?

  • Think & Reflect

    Now, write it all out in your notebook. The process of writing it by hand will help you take what's spinning around in your head and release it onto paper, aiming for 1 full page. That way you don’t carry it around as you go on about your day. This alone is proven to eliminate stress that comes with holding everything inside.

  • Write It Down

    Take some time to reflect. Is it true? What can I do to change this? What can I let go of? Think about what makes you stressed. Can you control it? Not with judgement, but with acknowledgment of what you can let go of and if there are any changes you can make or apply. Either to certain situations, or your perspective!

  • Gratitude

    One you have processed this, take a moment to be grateful. Inhale, exhale & breathe deeply while thinking of 5-10 things you are grateful for. Jot these down and have a mindful moment of gratitude.

Tip: Researchers found that journaling decreases the symptoms of asthma, arthritis, and other health conditions. It improves your immune response and cognitive functioning. It also counteracts many of the negative effects of stress. Adding in a moment of gratitude helps with shifting your mindset over time. It is proven that people that journal in gratitude experience more positive moods and optimism about the future. As well as better sleep, self-esteem & overall mental health, and well-being.



I believe in the transformative power of coaching because I’ve experienced it firsthand. From a young age, I held a deep desire to make a positive impact on the world, however, I was uncertain about how to bring that vision to life. Growing up I battled with certain difficulties, deep depression, self-injury and even went through a stage of suicidal attempts. I recognized that my current state of being, my thoughts, and my actions were not aligning with my aspirations. That feeling of not aligning with my true self threw me deeper until one day I had enough of being victim to my stories. Through therapy and diving into self-help books, I discovered the power of reframing thoughts, cultivating gratitude, and setting meaningful goals, which shifted my mindset. Today, I am a living testament to the transformative journey of healing, inspiring others to find their purpose, embrace their story, and creating change to lead a more intentional life.

After years of hard work, dedication, and continuous personal development, I embarked on becoming a certified life and NLP coach. With purpose and compassion, I help guide and support others in their journey of self-discovery and growth.
In my practice, I go beyond conventional coaching approaches. I have run and presented at numerous workshops and circles on growth mindsets, mindfulness, and various coaching skills. Through my unique methodology, I “blend heart and business” creatively, striking a practical and comfortable balance for my clients.

When I’m not coaching, I indulge in other activities that fuel my soul. I love writing, journaling, and blogging as well as learning, so you’ll often find me reading or listening to a good book via Audible. In addition, I greatly enjoy nature, which allows me to connect with myself and the deeper rhythms of life. At other times, I find solace in dancing, using movement as a form of self-expression and release; and listening to podcasts to further expand my knowledge and gain fresh perspectives.

One quote that I lived by as a teen and continues to guide my approach to life is, “Love life, and life will love you.” This simple yet powerful statement embodies the change that my mindset shift had on my life; it highlights the importance of perspective. By cultivating a positive outlook and embracing life’s beauty, we can invite love and abundance into our journey.

I am genuinely dedicated to supporting individuals like you in discovering your inner strength, overcoming obstacles, and unlocking your true potential. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling and purposeful life.